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Notecards is a powerful study tool based on virtual note cards commonly called flash cards.

Flash cards have been used as a study tool for a very long time. The Notecards app was among the first to bring this tool to the mobile age, leveraging the power that comes from flash cards' simplicity and familiarity. By combining the simplicity of a note card with the optimization, performance tracking, and portability of software, we created a tool that does exactly what you need: It helps you learn. Faster. Smarter. Easier.

Study Effectively

  • Faster.

    Study faster in our distraction free app designed to get you directly to the task at hand.

    Resume your recent study sessions directly from the home screen. Don't miss a beat adding a new card. And do everything without seeing a single ad.

  • Smarter.

    Study smarter whenever you have a few minutes with 5 powerful study algorithms as we track your progress automatically.

    Your results can be applied to focus your studies on areas where you have room to grow.

  • Easier.

    Study easier with our simple but powerful functionality that is always with you in your pocket.

    Notecards is designed from the ground up be aproachable to all while still giving power users the tools to learn as effectively as possible.

Study Methods

  • Divide and Conquer

    Learn new content by breaking it into bite-sized chunks. Cards are divided into smaller groups. Once you have mastered a group, move on to the next group.

  • Start Small

    Start out with a small number of cards. Once that group has been mastered, more cards are added to the group until you are studying all the cards.

  • Review

    Study everything at once. Great for making sure you still remember everything.

  • Practice Worst

    Practice all your worst cards until you master them.

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