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As Simple as a Flash Card

But loaded with learning accelerators

Notecards is a powerful study tool based on virtual note cards commonly called flash cards.

Flash cards have been used as a study tool for a very long time. The Notecards app was among the first to bring this tool to the mobile age, leveraging the power that comes from flash cards' simplicity and familiarity. By combining the simplicity of a note card with the optimization, performance tracking and portability of digital, we created a tool that does exactly what you need: It helps you learn. Smarter. Faster. Easier.


Five study methods combined with an intuitive interface and powerful progress tracking make Notecards a great choice for people focused on learning.

Flexible Sessions

  • Sequential
  • Shuffle
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Start Small
  • Practice Worst

Study Effectively:

Carry thousands of cards in your pocket, anywhere you go. Whenever you have a few minutes to study, Notecards is at your finger tips, and each study session creates valuable information for you about your learning progress thanks to robust performance tracking.

No more lost cards or time wasted shuffling and arranging cards. Just open Notecards app and get to learning!

Smarter. Faster.

While you are studying, Notecards tracks how well you do and you can easily find what cards you are worst and best at. We use those statistics to create 5 powerful and configurable study methods that speed up your learning.

You choose the system that works best for you—your progress is tracked and the results can be applied to focus your studies on areas where you have room to grow.


Notecards is a distraction-free app designed to accelerate the learning process by getting you directly to the task at hand. Creating your study content is simple, and Notecards' straightforward system of flash card organization means you can focus all your energy on learning.

Imagine how much faster you'll learn when you can focus on the subject matter rather than ads or unnecessary features!